Wednesday, March 25, 2009

bisnez table gift vs bisnez gamba

aku wat biznes edit n print gamba ukuran paspot for final yr..tot dat juz 1-2 person yg nak beli but surprisingly approximately 20 person dat order the printed pic n the soft copy as well..ade yg beli smpai sorang 10keping gamba(which is arfa,my cozmet), ade yg 8 keping ade gak nak soft copy je smpai pjuk2 lg nak yg camni i juz giv it free but actually the soft copy was charged for 50cent..hihi..xde la bnyak sgt yg order but it juz unexpected figure je..n the total profit as far xsmpai hundred lg..

below are the price list for printed paspot pic;

2 kpg - rm4
4 kpg - rm6
6 kpg - rm8
8 kpg - rm10
soft copy - rm0.50

cpt2 sape nak oder lg..can cum to my room(c233) to book..

cekik darah gak eh aku ni..but kat kdai lg mahal maa..

tp kan sbenanye me n my cozmet had a plan to make a biznes for dinner final yr..dis is for table gift (dila as a designer) n the net capital around rm1500 for 650person..7 of us as pengeluar modal..n the rough profit around rm100/person..but unfortunately MTM college doesn't want it becuz it is too expensive n ask us to make a new one that cost from rm5.50 to rm3..rm3???? for final yr souvenier?? mrepek la dorang ni..ksian final yr dpt adiah murah je..n lastly x jd..then aku wat perniagaan sndri,dpt untung gak..hehe..

thanx for my cozmet gak sbb tanpa dorang xde la aku dpt amik gamba final yr n xdela aku dpt wat biznes ni..nt aku blanje korang eh tp xleh blanje mhal2 sbb kos kmera n masa aku 2 berharga..ngeee..

table gift yg direka oleh dila..cntikkan..mule2 sume suke temasuk pengetua but then nak cut cost pnye psal tepaksa buat len..

Sunday, March 22, 2009

test lagi,lum dpt intern lagi...

last week n this becoming week are test week..
fuh!feel like yesterday i took test 1
but pejam celik da test 2 pun..
then final exam around the corner je..
subject sem 6;
optimization-last week
biochemical engineering
safety and assessment
pollution control engineering
n the worst nitemare(maybe), aku kene present for plant design..
tajuk kali ni ialah economic analysis and hazard operation(hazop)
tot that it's just a fact but ade gak calculation involves
aku msti kene bantai teruk ngan dr dayang nt..hehe
lil' bit abt internship..
aku lom dpt lg..
i know that it's juz a test from God for me to be more patience
aku tawakal je
yesterday me n aina call almost 30 companies regarding the internship..
sum +ve answers, sum not..
but banyak gak company yg lom process lg internship application..
lega skt hati aku ni..
so ekcelli it's not too late for me n my fren whom didn't get yet..
sbenanye we've back up plan..
dr zurina offer us to internship in her friend's place..
but dr said it's a last choice for us..
she gif us time to apply another company yg ade allowance..
if we couldn't get yet, then we come to her..
THANX a lot dr zurina..luv u..
at least ade gak place n hope for us to depend on..

Thursday, March 12, 2009

snap snap snap

this becoming 28 March 09, our college have a big grand dinner for final yr student at Marriot Hotel,Putrajaya(spelling error kot). n exco buku cenderahati is as her photographer hv 2 take the final yr pic..but below bkn gamba bdk2 final yr, but ours..

dila dan kakaknye yg mcm skema tp sbenanye x langsung!

napelah backgroundnye so weird..

sbb 2 la aku kate kakak dila a.k.a wawa x skema lngsung

teammate yg kebosanan tnggu bdk2 final yr..

upss..teletak plak gamba la staf k11 yg sgt femes n comel..huhu

Sunday, March 8, 2009

times square with nicole david

yesterday i went to berjaya times square with first we juz want to take train as usual but kulop make me i ask him to go to times square by car as a consolation..haha.. ngada2kan..buat aku mrajuk lg..surprisingly, we didn't lost at all..ikut je signboard..

then as we arrived there, ade org bekerumun at the centre of the complex..tgk2 rupenye ade squash gem..x sangka die leh wat kat shopping complex..ol the champion(top 10 world) participated in dis the 1st person come cross in my mind of coz la Datuk Nicole first i'm a bit dissapointed cuz i dun c nicole david there..i tot dat i miss her playing the gem..but how surprise am i that i c nicole at the back stage alone practising the squash by herself..not so many people notice nicole there..tempatnye tersorok skt..hehe..i take sum pic wt my camera hset..nyesal x bwk kmera gedabak the pic is not very clear la..

the result is nicole david kalah mengejut..waa..maybe sbb aku dtg kot die klh..xpe la skali skala die kalah..she loss to natalie grainger(england player)..bknye tere sgt pun natalie 2..juz her luck..

excited gile aku tgk die main..but wat can i say is nicole david serve as champion..

dis is brought to u by cimb..haha

her playing~awesome

mamat mne ntah ni..sdg ditemuramah stelah mng utk male comp..

nicole doing her training wt 2 racket by 1 hand together wt music player..

charity run

on 1st march 09 we hv charity run organized by pemaju(engineering society in upm)..most of my cozmet were the ajk for this n mas have to incharge at guard house/entrance of eng faculty..bez woo..x kene pnas mcm yg len..huhu..the bez thing is dat i can ride bicycle around upm smbil tgk2kan participant yg injurt..yg len jelez la 2..hehe..but the worst thing is participant x injurt pun..aku yg injurt..cett..shame on me!

photoshoot session wt mas be4 the run is started..

mas main lompat2,pastu pak guard kacau die..


the first

my frenz yg da hitam2 muke 2..