Thursday, August 28, 2008

welcome back myself!

huhu it's along time since i posted my previous blog..
so bz la..(bz tdo,bz main2,bz shopping..etc)

so many xtvt was held in college and also held by cozmet(CHESS)..
ol da story u can go 2 page 'dila ngek'(see the list of my blogger beside)..
die rajen skt update blog..
or u can see ol da pic(so many) of ol event in UPM (included MAHA) in my frenster..
ntah angin ape dats make me sooooo lazy 2 upldate my blog for most 3 months..

newayz,4 college's xtvt, most of da half of them i'm participated..
mne x nye,my fren (dila) was da big boss of dis independance day a.k.a director..
so it is a must 4 me n my cozmet 2 join da xtvt..klu x die majuk..
huhu but i only join xplorace and photogphy cmpetition..
tell u wat, i won all da cmpetition(1st place) as i stated abv..
2 dila,jgn jelez bnyak2 eh..
i know u really envy me when i won photography cmpttion..huhu

lately, i dpt ilham amik gamba from Bazuki ..
da famous journalist photogrpher(if i'm not mistaken) in Malaysia(of course)..
he work under PBB for reuters magazine (world magazine)..
his!!cannot states here..
he is da one of my idol besides saiful nang..
below are some pics taken 4 u 2 see..
(but low quality la pic bwh ni..maklumla,kmera bese je,pinjam plak 2 ..)
auntie kat psr mlm,waiting 4 sumone..take dis pic after dpt ilham dr Bazuki..

one of da pic that i sent 2 photography cmpettion(subject:dila ngek)

one of da pic i sent 2 photography cmpetion

3 from left is Bazuki,2 from left is me

emm..not really gud yet 2 become photographer..huhu

one of da pic i sent 2 photogpher cmpetion..n i won 1st place 4 dis pic..(emm,xde pe nak dibangga sgt,bdk2 je yg judge)