Sunday, January 25, 2009

days wt aina n arfa

today is the 2nd day our fren 'left' us..hihi..chinese new yr is back n everybody is going back home..tinggal la aku, aina,arfa,elysa, kak zu n sum other boys..we hv to struggle out n read read read read the books for the sake of our mid test..klu kat umah x leh stdy sgt becuz bnyak gangguan..of course chinese will not be seen around dis bez tau sbb aman je duk sni without any annoying voice..kitorang jd bdk bek for dis week..not screaming n shout among each other like we used to be..

we ol planned to cook by jimat ongkos..ngee..rumah syahid n kulop jd mangsa tempat kitorang memasak..yesterday soping brg masak kat giant like onion,ginger etc..we buy the stock for 1 week..then at dat nite we stat to cook..our main dishes yesterday was sup aku yg msak..nyummy.. mkn kat umah dorang gakk..feeling like we're in our own house..n today we hv sambal ayam n kobis msak lemak on our table..sambal ayam i yg msak n kobis aina pnye arfa kenit ni ptong2 ape yg patut..then for our dinner we juz eat the same fud for lunch..dis nite mkn kat blik nak g umah dorang..but we dun hv me n aina appointed arfa to cook the rice..

n till now she haven't cook..hungryyyyy..cpt la arfa oi..asik bce komik je.ngee

Friday, January 23, 2009

genting for the early year

1st n foremost, still no too late to wish HEPY NEW YEAR(2009) still an early month of dis yr rite?
ok..let's get back to the main point..i want to tell a story abt a grup of gurl dat took one full day to the genting highland..yes, we (chemy's girl) went to genting higland last sat (17/1/09)..hope u enjoy guys..
7.30 am
we planned to gather at foyer k11 but as usual as be4 sum of them late..sape ek??emm..qila, emy, dila n arfa kot..not me erh but my driver also late..
we took train to go to kl sentral..while waiting the train we took so many pics..mse 2 raico yg pgang most of the pic xde raico..beznye..hehe
everybody is rushing to buy fud as breakfast..ade yg x beli sbb diet..after dat we pass the ticket to driver bus n took the bus to the genting highland..yeay..the beginning of the journey is started...
11.30am(estimate je..x tgk jam mse tu)
we've reached to the bus station n we started to feel the freshness of the genting highland..sum of girls go to toilet to make up..haha..aku je kot yg make up..others take a pissssssss...ngoooo
n then we took the kete kebal(bak kate mas)..we took kete kabel be4 reach to the theme park..
12.30pm kot..
drop by to shop to buy mafela(btol ke eja ni?) and gloves..mine is pinky..hehe..kale favourite sampingan..
pastu waiting for dila n wawa seeking another shop to buy gloves..dorang ni mmg ngada2..
we're tagged after show the ticket yg dila beli kat kl sentral arituh..(rm47)
lps di tag di tgn then we can play ol the games there except spiderman n snow world..yg ni has an extra charges.
the first game we play is...x tau la nmenye..hentam je la eh..rumah antu..but it doesn't scary at all..qila tutup mata pastu jerit2..hahahah..kantol qila..
then we play buaian terbang, then space shot, then roller coaster etc..gugur jantung woo..
in the middle of day we took our lunch..bwk sndri beb..jimat kos..the menu is nasi putih, fried chicken, n sambal tumis(me n mas cooked sambal tumis while others goreng ayam) n mas waiting for roller coaster to open while others perform Zuhur..
many things happened while playing ol those stuff..kene sound sbb ptong q la..pastu sum guys nak tackle emy la..haha..hencem cangat..haha..but cannot tell ol la..korang bkn nak bce sgt pun..
4.30 pm
we have to end it..ticket to ride the bus is at 5.30pm..of coz we miss the chances to play ol the games but 8am 'till 5.30pm is enaf for me to drop my heart n liver..i've sore throat becuz scream ol the time..
emm..da the end of story kot but we arrived at kolej at late nite..ape jd eh before dat..em, mls la nak cite..tired oready..
babay guys..nak lepak kat blk dila plak lps ni..
p/s: if u want to see more pic, get a time to link my fotopages eh..