Friday, December 26, 2008

while i'm alone..

i thought the previous entry is the last one for 2008..but i have another one la..bce ni klu simpati..

while i'm alone(work at kedai handphone) where there is the place yg majoritinye indian n chinese residents..there are some mamat india cum over 2 my place..3 org..knonnye nak beli accesories like charger,housing etc..rpenye nak mrompak..kuangasam pnye keling..merompak2 used to be happened here especelly kedai that not many people around there..i can say that my kedai hpone is quiet 'open' many people around here n n this kedai infront of si mamat india ni x brani sgt nak mrompak kot mcm kdai len kene..(smpai kene acu parang lg)..but i dunno if they're same person who robbed that yg dorang sempat buat is silently steal(not rob) hset(nokia 6280).dat day i hv 2 take care the kedai alone becoz my brother had fever..the incident happened at nite..xde hset len yg cnggih kat situ..itu la plg mhl sbb my brother not focusing in selling hset..he rather selling topup n other accesories..ekcelli the owner of the hset is one of the customer that send his hset 2 my kedai 4 repair purposes..n da price dat he bought the hset around rm450..n now in market the price of the hset is decrease 2 rm350..but he already pay the repair price rm150..ade la storynye camne dorang buat taktik mencuri 2..cet cet cet cet cet..kene ganti RM500..x tau la klu my bro yg nak ganti sume or half ke or me to pay rm500 net..arghhh..gaji lom dpt da kene kuar duit..camne nak amik lesen ni???

Saturday, December 20, 2008

sumting be4 entering the new year...


well,as usual as be4,i take a long time to update my many happened dis yr..happy, sad, troubles, obstacles.. i always thought dat i'm da only one dat face so many problems..i also always thought dat i'm da happy one in dis world..rarely i think dat i'm such an ordinary person same as others..but deep in my heart i want 2 be loved by peoples around me..if u read my sentences, i know dat u will say i just crap..every words dat i wrote above u will say as nothing..becoz i myself dun understand if i read back the words abv..hehe..maybe i'm gone insane..i try 2 find why n now i is becoz my exam result..but what i'm trying 2 say juz now??I DUNNO!..i only write wateva come in my mind,so cut the crap n juz ignore the abv sentences..WATEVA!
chee see..

check out these memories that i've been thru througout dis yr..

the latest one-pegi kem patriotisme putra kat glory beach resort,pd

sebelum cuti semesta-pegi ulu yam besama cozmet..gamba 1 cozmet lupe nak bawak

saje nak practise amik gamba..igtkan leh mng competition sony klu anta gamba xde rezeki

da lame gak ni-raya besama cozmet..kitorang yg msak mkanan jmuan 2..hehe

ni semesta x rumet graduate..
trademark 2008:amik gamba lompat..
next year maybe tuka trademark-amik gamba terjun bangunan ke..any idea?