Friday, February 27, 2009

di tagged..

i am tagged..o no..x ske sgt sbenanye sbb aku tepaksa pk dgn lme utk jwpn2nye..but, my old fren ask me to do it,ok la i do it la..

sori eh dila mse 2 x reply tag

35 little secret..
be honest no matter what!

[1] who was your last text from?
dis morning x de la,juz received a few calls..yesterday x igt..

[2] where was your default pic taken?
bilik ilmiah,tenga stdy smbil photoshoot gamba bdk final yr..

[3] your relationship status?
i'm not single but still available..haha..sori yang..

[4] have you ever lost a close friend?

[5] what is your current mood?
grrrr..bad la..stomach ache

[6] what is your brother's name?
arwah ahmad,mahmod,mansur..ol married..

[7] what is your favorite color?
i luv green but most of my stuff are pink in color..yeww

[8] where you wish you were right now?
palestin n help people there..

[9] have a crazy side????
crazy side??emm..ske korek idung..izit dat kind of crazy side?

[10] ever had a near death experience?
my dad n my brother..even it's a long time ago, nak cite.

[11] something you do a lot
of coz la makan..hidup utk makan..yippi!

[12] angry at anyone? mrh n ngamuk kat amin sbb die kaco aku..

[13] what's stopping you from going to the person you like? nak pk jwpn ni..

[14] when was the last time you cried? the hospital when i visit my mum..

[15] is there anyone you would do anything for?
i want to work very hard for the sake of my mum..

[16] What do you think about when you are falling sleep?
owayz think abt intern n hoping for sumone 2 propose me to take me to their company..dlm mimpi pun xpe la..

[17] who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
kulop..he ask me to print his lab repot..kentut btol..

[18] what are your favorite song?
a lot la..but i miz my fav song when i was in matrix..epilog rindu..ngee

[19] what are you doing right now?
tenga pk la ni nak jwb tag ni..

[20] who do you trust right now?
haha..we shoudn't say that name..they will use the trust to the other way round.

[21] where did you get the shirt you wearing?
rite now i'm wearing t shirt dat i bought for attending my sis graduation day..beli kat mines..

[22] have you kissed someone in the past week?
kiss bantal bcuk..

[23] what is your lucky number?

[24] who are your friends that are closest to you?
of coz rite now my cozmet yg becok2 2..sumenye kepo2 blaka n i feel happy befriend wt them..but i miz my old frenz larr..

[25] describe your life in one word

[26] who are you thinking of right now?
human resource petronas..nape die x nak amik aku intern kat sne?

[27] what should you be doing right now?
stdy ler..

[28] if you could wish for something over a birthday cake right now, what would it be?
mkn kat yankies..nyummy~

[29] what are you listening to?
fly fm..kate perry- hot n cold.

[30] who was a last person who gave you a hug?
aku x ske peluk2 ni..geli..

[31] who was the last person who yelled at you?
aku yelled kat org ade la..juz now i yelled at amin..2 la ko..kaco aku lg..

[32] do you act differently around the person you like?
dun like 2 be aku ske berpura2 dpn org yg aku x ske..camne tuh?

[33] what is your natural hair color?
rainbow color..

[34] who was the last person to make you laugh?
cozmet aku ni la yg gile duit sume..ngee..aku pun sme..hehe

[35] who will be tagged by you?
-emm..x bez la men tag2 ni..omost one hr n half i make it..sape rse rajen reply la tag ni k..

dats ol~

anum,next time klu nak tag aku bg 1-2 soalan je eh..konfem aku jawab..(^_^)

Monday, February 23, 2009

today n yesterday

today i feel so relief n grinned heard my mum bole kuar dr hospital..Alhamdulillah...

today got test result pollution..i got 60(the lowest among the girls)..xpe la,aku redha..the same word; i've to work hard again n again..

today maybe the bez day kot coz i hv enaf sleep n not so many work to do becuz our design project for dis week is done n juz waiting my grup member to present tomorrow..

today aku kemaskinikan notes aku yg beterabur kat fail 2..

today i wash my clothes..

today i update my blog..

n today aku mandi wajib..

yesterday i'm a bit sad becuz i've go back 2 upm n left my mum..but i feel relief that her condition is quite stable n i've spent a quality time with her by accompany her for one nite in hospital..

yesterday i frowned becuz x dpt mkn pau yg akak buat..i'm rushing for packing my stuff n tertinggal pau kat umah..

yesterday i'm exhausted duk dlm bas 5 jam..

yesterday i'm a bit angry cuz denga cite yg aku mmg x nak denga fren took 2nd yr pic..i'm warned oready that me n kulop(as the owner of the camera) prohibited anyone in dis world to take any single pic of 2nd yr's boy..but she did..i know that she loves 2nd yr more than me n kulop but plz plz plz respect my decision..i dun want 2 get fight wt my frenz so i try to forget ol dis crap things asap..u can hate me for being like dis but i dun hate u, i juz hate 2nd yr so much n hate to be related to 2nd yr..not only me but kulop n the outsider as well..

n yesterday i slept earlier to to forget ol the unwanted incident dat day..

Monday, February 16, 2009

aku sedih lg...

i'm so sad..
i am very upset..
waaa...i want to cry but i hold..
i try very hard to hold but i can't..
u know y?

meh aku cite..

aku lom dpt lg intern (latihan industri,praktikal etc)
everytime i heard sumone got intern..
i am very happy for them but at the same time i feel so upset..
then,mula la aku buat muke seposen yg sgt ksian for the entire day..
kwn2 aku pun fed up dgn muke aku 2..
tp mmg i can't resist anymore..
i will automatically alter that day into the sadest day..

n juz now, i heard again that nik got ANOTHER chance to do intern in nuclear company..
congrats to nik..
n 2nite,aku nak mkn bnyak sbb aku sdh,tp aku xde mknan nak dimakan..
i dun like snacks..sku lbh ske mkn nasi sbb aku org desa..
but now i dun hv feeling 2 buy fud..
so wat can i do..
emm,maybe mlm ni aku wat bodo n wat muke seposen aku yg kesian 2..
smbil 2 aku nak muhasabah diri n think deeply y my fate hv 2 be like this..

below is the list whose got intern at this moment

emy- chemical company malaysia(quite a big company n the 1st person who got intern among us)
arfa- sime darby(familiar izit?)
alia - klg kat ulu tiram(cannot remember the name lah)
mas - kualiti alam (dis is her dream..wonderful)
syahid - sime darby (pnah keje kat sne)
ro - sime darby (his dad works there)
syahmi - sime darby (mintak tlg bapak ro)
mazwan - .....................(die plg bnyak dpt offer,4 offer kot,tnggal nak plh je)
nik - .......................(dpt 3 offer dan 2 of them klg nuclear)

n me,dila,raico,wawa,aina,elysa n kak zu still waiting...

oh klg2 kat malaysia..ksian la kat kami yg msh menunggu dan trus menunggu ni..

Ya Allah,murahkan la rezkiku...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

cont. " stuck dlm lif "

ini adalah mak cik qila a.k.a rumet org yg stuck dlm lif yg x lengkap bg info bahawa bkn dila yg stuck tp emy yg stuck dlm lif...

ini adalah aku,wlaupun aku posing maut dgn tudung srabai,tp aku mmg sdaya upaya utk kuarkan emy dr stuck dlm lif..

ini adalah org keliling yg prihatin dgn environment dorang..dorang sempat duduk bersimpul smbil membincangkan bagaimana nak kuarkan emy..

Monday, February 9, 2009

how bz we're!

klu korang go thru my fren's blog,u will c how bz we're..
aku je yg blum update lg psl ke'bz'an ini..

the things dat make us sooooo bz is our plant design subject..
we've 2 design plant which producing biodiesel..
my grup choose virgin coconut oil as our raw material..owh coconut yg baik~
dis project really make me restless n sleepless..
i've to stay up until 6 am juz becuz dis coconut biodiesel yg baik nih..
slama 1 sem kami kene bz begini..hrmm
n blik dila yg jd mangsa kami utk project yg baik nih..
bila lapo, kami akan msak di sne jugak..
contohnye,me n my teammate cook bihun grg at 5 am..
n then dila membebel lantai nye berminyak..
n as usual she will do ol those cleaning things..
sian die~..wey,tp aku da basuh ape yg ptt n aku da sogok ko ngan bihun aku..
sdp kan bihun yg aku msak..hehe

last week i had optimization test..ssh woo..
from the very 1st semesta i hope there will no be open book test..
becuz there will be a killer quest dat make my life turns miserable..
n now for the 1st time dr intan make it..
soalannye ump~..klu aku dpt high marks mmg miracle la 2..

n dis time i hv 1 gud story..EMY STUCK DLM LIF..
it is a gud story bkn sbb aku ske die stuck dlm lif..
but dis story bg pengajaran kat sume org yg:

1)kite kene bwk hset ble nek n trun lif spy leh kal memba utk mntak tlg
2)kite x leh pkai sexy dlm lif sbb nt klu ade mslh org yg nak slamatkan kite 2 adalah lelaki
3)penyelamat mstlah prepare tudung n sluar pjang ketika nak slamatkan mangsa

dat time mmg sgt happening..
mne x nye, ble ade org kal qila n kami tedenga ade org stuck dlm lif kami sangkakan dila..
we ran lintang pukang to the lif n shout 'dila out..
"dila,dila, sabo eh..ko kene minimumkan pengginaan oxygen,jgn nangis..kitorang tenga cbe bkak pntu lif ni.."
bila qila dtg kat lif die kate emy yg stuck dlm lif..
ape lg kitorang berdekak la ktawa malu..
then lps 2 we shout 'emy' out..
"emy,emy, sabo eh..ko kene minimumkan pengginaan oxygen,jgn nangis..kitorang tenga cbe bkak pntu lif ni.."
sdg kami mencuba sdya upaya utk bukak lif 2, abg naza came..
we ol lari lintang pukang sbb kami sdkt sexy..
but the thing is abg naza saw raico..haha..raico da dinodai..
then we go back to blk dila n reach wat can we reach to 'cover up' yg x di cover 2..
raico n qila pkai kain batik..lawak tol sbb dorang x pnah pkai kain batik..haha

to make it short,abg naza open the lif wt juz a key..(sblm ni kami pkai tenaga sndr bukak wlaupun x bejaya)
but the difficulties is emy stuck antara tngkat 4& die brada ditenga2..
but lastly,abg naza berjaya utk kuarkan emy..

lps 2 we ol story emy the incident..
skt otak aku ktawa je mse 2..
n emy janji nak blanje aku the chicken rice shop..
emy, i'm waiting..huhu

dah la..nak tdo jap sbb nak simpan tenaga utk bce bku..
we hv test dis wed..test biochemical n pollution..
biochemical: aku x pnah ade pengalaman psl i've to work VERY hard..
pollution: aku kene score A sbb lecturer ni papa kesayangan aku..hehe


Monday, February 2, 2009

friend or boyfren?


saje nak cerita 1 ksh dongeng yg x brape bez pon..

tajuk kat atas 2 tnye fren or boyfren?
klu kite ade 2 choices je dlm dunia dan kite kene plh..
scara generalnya org akan jwb fren..
klu kite jwb boyfren org akan kata kite ni bodoh..
nnt mcm2 org akan kata psal kite..
kite ni x kenang budi la, ape la..
dorang akan kate kwn 2 kekal, boyfren 2 blum tentu jd jodoh kite..
dan org akan kate kawan biar seribu..
tp klu boyfren 2 jd suami kite, x ke syurga itu teletak bwh tpak kakinye?...emm,ape2 la..

ade seorang ni tenga bingung dgn hidupnya
die kate die tetap dgn pendirian die..
klu die rse kwn 2 yg slh so die x akan teragak2 utk back up boyfren die wlau ape pun yg tejadi..
klu boyfren yg slh die akan tegur boyfren die utk btulkan ksilapan..
tp die amat pentingkan nilai persahabatan..
die x leh survive dlm dnia ni tanpa kwn..

tp, klu die rase diri die hanya utk dpergunakan..
ataupun boyfren die hanya utk dibuli..
die x nak hipokrit..
buat ape nak jge hati kwn yg da hancurkan hati kite..
baik kite jge hati org yg lbh sygkan kite pd mse skang ni..

kwn2 die slalu kate..
hidup ibarat roda..
kadangkala kite diatas, kadangkala kite dibwh..
tp die dari dlu tertanya2..camne kite leh brada diatas atau dibwh?
bru skang die dpt jwpn..
kite diatas x smestinya sbb kite da berjaya,kite digemari rmai atau kite sdg gembira..
tp kite brada diatas sbb kite ade kekuatan utk berada diatas..
kite kuat utk trus bertahan drp hinaan dan kata2 org..
dan x smestinya kita brada dibwh klu kite dicerca oleh org len..
org yg mencerca dan org yg membuli itu la org yg sgt lemah dan x akan berjaya utk berada dia ats..

ape yg korang rse bile kwn sndri tuding jari(menyalahkan ats sesuatu hal) pd boyfrennye..
nak mrh kwn kite yg menuding jari 2..?
nnt org kate kite ni back up boyfren sgt plak..
ataupun buat bodoh biakan org len rse kite ni yg besalah..
emm, kene kuat iman n kuat smangat plak klu camni..
tp die phm kenapa ade org mcm 2..
die sgt respect kat org 2..
sbb org 2 sgt membela kwnnya dan x pecaya kwn baik die 2 yg besalah..
org 2 sgt setiakawan..ssh nak jmpe org yg camtu dlm zmn skang ni..

xpe la..bak kate org..
bia org buat kite,jgn kite buat org..
bia org tduh kite jgn kite tduh org..
jgn kite ubah ape yg ade pd dri kite krana org yg x bole dipercayai lg..
die akan CUBA berpegang pd kata2 diatas..

wlaupun cite ni agak merepek dan kmungkinan ssh nak phm, tp aku doakan kwn2 kpd 'die' 2 sntiasa gembira dan dpt menjadi kwn yg terbaik di dunia pd pndangan kwnnye yg len 2..

phm ke?x phm?so, abaikan..