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which one ek?

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This topic might be very helpfull for those who really needs a comparison between Proton Saga BLM and Perodua New Myvi (Saga Vs Myvi). And here i would like to give details of comparison between saga and myvi because i have the experience using both cars travelling thousands of km. Basically both cars have their pros and cons. Not to say one model can win easily compare to the close competitor. It is all depends on your needs.


I have the experience driving new saga BLM (saga baru) full spec auto m-line, Myvi full spec auto 1.3 litre and myvi manual 1.0 litre. So here i will give my review about saga and myvi.
Exterior Comparison New Saga VS Myvi

Exterior wise, New saga looks better than myvi at each view because it shows a proper sedan looks. I remember when the new saga launched, everyone gave a good feedback about the exterior design and like amazed that Proton can produce this type of affordable good looking car. While Perodua Myvi like a normal compact car, looks shorter but the front looks bigger like an MPV. The rear part is too big design and not so nice. But the new myvi SE puts some sporty style to the rear part and it looks ok. New saga BLM looks like a little bit small because of it is higher compare to other sedan.

Interior Comparison Myvi Vs New Saga BLM

The interior of saga and myvi has not much different. But i personally prefer interior design of Perodua Myvi because you will feel that it is spacious plus the new meter panel with optitron is nice. Center air cond duct design for saga BLM is kind of weird. The interior is too simple. More to savvy looks. But the meter panel is quite nice. The steering of saga BLM feel better to hold and very firm & looks good compare to myvi. The quality of Proton Saga BLM’s interior is better compare to myvi when you try to scratch them and knock them, you will feel the differences. The gear knob, what i realize is that Proton and Perodua have a different style of holding the gear knob. I would prefer the gear knob of Perodua instead of Proton.

Spaciousness Comparison Between New Saga BLM & Myvi

Generally, the interior space (keluasan) of new saga BLM and Myvi quite the same. You will feel spacious and roomy when you enter this two vehicles. But here is some statistic from my own measurement by using measuring tape:

Interior width (a space that can be occupied by human inside from shoulder to shoulder):

Myvi : 134cm

Saga: 134cm

Wira: 137cm

Interior Length ( a space that can be occupied by human from driver’s leg to rear passenger’s headrest):

Myvi: 188cm

Saga: 202cm

Wira: 180cm

Interior widest width that can be measured:

Myvi: 137cm

Saga: 137cm

Wira: 139cm

Interior Head room for passenger:

Myvi: 125cm

Saga: 123cm

Wira: 107cm

Exterior Width (from manufacturer) :

Myvi: 166.5cm

Saga: 168.0cm

Wira: 169.0cm

Boot Space / luggage capacity:

Myvi: 225litre

Saga: 413litre

Wira aeroback: 399litre

Note: i put Proton Wira dimension to easily compare with the Perodua Myvi and Proton New Saga.

Engine Performance & Handling Comparison Between Proton Saga BLM and Perodua Myvi

Here is the specification of both cars:

Total Engine Capacity (cc) : Myvi(1298) vs Saga(1332)

Horsepower(hp) both at 6000RPM : Myvi(85.Cool vs Saga(94)

Torque (Nm) : Myvi (116@3200rpm) vs Saga(120@4000rpm)

horsepower/weight ratio (hp/kg): Myvi(0.089) vs Saga(0.088)

My review:

I have tried maximum speed for both auto full spec 1.3 litre car myvi and saga BLM, both have quite same max speed which is 160km/h reaching 170km/h. The different is when reaching 140km/h, the Myvi will start to shake & like swaying because of too light while the saga BLM reaching 160km/h in a very steady run without steering shaking and feel so stable like you can go further and faster.

About the pick up performance, the myvi is slightly better because of the kerb weight is less than Saga BLM. you can feel the DVVT engine in myvi doing its job while pushing the fuel paddle but not much different with Saga BLM with it’s own campro 1.3 dohc iafm engine. The saga BLM 1st auto gear feels quite slow but it will show it’s true performance while entering 2000 rpm and the next gear.

You will feel light while driving a Myvi because it is a city car with DVVT technology while you will feel more stable and have a sharp & nice handling in a saga because it is made more for cruising as a family car and tuned by lotus handling technology. But the new saga also has a characteristic of a city car with the iafm technology that control the air intake and remove the torque dip in the campro engine while driving slowly.

Fuel Consumption ( penggunaan minyak ) Petrol Comparison Between Myvi and Saga BLM:

Between Myvi auto 1.3 and Saga auto 1.3, the fuel consumption have not much different. With RM30, both can travel around 225km which is 13.33cents/km or 13.5km/litre in a constant drive on highway. The worst fuel consumption for both car which i have tried is 20cents/km or 9km/litre with extreme driving habits.
Other Features & Advantage : Comparison of saga BLM and Myvi:

New Saga BLM full spec now only have the M-Line version and not yet H-Line or New Saga BLM Special Edition. To compare the same line with myvi auto 1.3 ezi is a better comparison. Both have slightly same features.

Myvi has advance features of retractable rear seat, nice optitron meter, all 4 set of power window (saga only 2), LED turn light indicator, LED rear Lamp, 2 airbags (saga only 1), ABS & EBD, USB & Bluetooth on “Perodua” brand audio player, auto lock door when brake, warning sound if lights on when leaving car, less engine noise & overdrive button.

While saga BLM has nice power steering which is stable and have suitable load for driver, a lot of differences in audio system in Saga compare to Myvi which saga’s clarion player with 4 speakers really provide maximum bass and audio performance, smoother auto gear transmission transition which provide relax and nice ride, quiter cabin space with good noise insulation & NVH where you can feel steady while cruising on high speed, Quality of interior finishing is better, better shock absorbtion and suspension system, more comfortable seat for driver and passenger, auto lock in 5 seconds if not open door after using remote key, beep alert sound when using keyless entry remote control, stronger chasis tuned by lotus & colder air conditioning system.

Overall, this two models which is the Proton New Saga BLM and Perodua New Myvi is a very close competitor or rival in 1.3litre car categories. But Perodua Myvi 1.3 ezi full spec auto will cost RM49700 while Proton Saga BLM 1.3 full spec auto will only cost RM41500.

Myvi have an affordable version of 1.0 litre manual 3 cylinder engine which costs RM39000 while Proton New Saga now have a more powerfull engine of Saga BLM 1.6 litre campro iafm version which cost only RM39000.

This is my sincere review about both car model and i hope this will help buyers in making decision on which one do you prefer to buy. At the end, it depends on what you want. 1 car cannot satisfy all your needs. You need to choose which one will be value for your money.

If you have any opinion or question, kindly fill up comments below and please discuss with us wisely not emotionally!

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p/s: aku dpt info ade myvi baru kaler pink limited edition da yg x mnat pink pun berminat nak saga lg murah, so jimat la sgala kos aku..emm, camne ni??

Monday, June 14, 2010

hello, is this mardiana?

hello, is this mardiana?i call from....................

i got a ring, got an interview tomorrow..really excited got 1st call since i graduated from kan, sbenanye kan...

aku x tau die dr company ape!!!aku da tnye die 2 kali tp still x denga dr company mane!!! ape punye pekak la aku ni!!! yg aku denga interview 2 esok kul 4 pm kat senai..nak tnye balik malu.. =(

she said she will give me the offer letter by email..hopefully situ ade alamat n nme company 2..adoi!!! cuak nih!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

final cgpa

was taken while sit 4 material characterization exam..sambil berfikir, kite bergamba dlu!

Alhamdulillah, result final exam aku memberansangkan..even still din' get dean list but it's ok 4 me compared to previous sem..hmm, klu igt blk zaman blaja dlu2 tergelak aku dibuatnya..klu x dpt jwb soalan aku nangis, dpt result truk aku bad mood..but then i neva give up, yet sumtimes i just gave ape yg aku tau, aku x ckup usaha utk dpt result yg cemerlang..aku bnyak main2 sbb aku rse main2 itu perlu utk release kan tensen aku..drp aku jd org gle bce + hafal bku setebal kulit gajah 2, baik aku main2..but now i'm a bit regret sbb terlalu main2..kwn2 aku sumenye hebat2, aku je yg kurang perform..but Alhamdulillah again aku x pnah gagal ape2 subjek..Thanks God..

p/s: now waiting 4 my final cgpa results, then bole msukkan dlm resume..yihuu, aku nak keje!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

lagenda budak setan

trailer from lagenda budak setan's muvi..quite gud n touching muvi but i din' cry ok..i dunno y cik siti kulop the one who cried..

the same tree n hill but at different angle, taken by kulop..

me with cows at upm..taken just after bought dslr..the 1st shot for my beloved alpha~

Sunday, June 6, 2010

morgan n lengkong

bru beli smlm..time ksh en morgan krna menyenangkan keje aku..hlgla sume kerisauan aku psal cerek usang 2..konfem org alzheimer pun bole gune..

td 1st time aku buat agar2..da umur 23 tp ni 1st time aku buat..maklumla aku ni suke mkn nasi so aku suke msak lauk je la kan..kuih muih, kek n sbgainye mmg aku x teringin plak nak buat so buat la..knonnye nak wat 2 layer..mmg la jd tp ble ptong layer berpisah..aku pun pelik..slalunye mlekat aku tgk dorang buat..ape2 la..nnt aku try lengkong gulung..mak aku bru ajar td..mak aku ni hebat ngan resipi ciptaan sndiri even rmai gak nak tau cara buat lengkong/agar2 gulung ni..

p/s:aku ade grey's anatomy s6 n house s6..korang ade?

Saturday, June 5, 2010


dlu2 mse aku kecik2 dlu aku x tau ape hbungan aku ngan sdare2 aku..die ni spupu ke, mak sdare ke, belah mak aku ke, belah bapak aku..yg aku tau aku sgt familiar ngan muke2 dorang n kitorang sgt rapat n havoc ble jumpe..aku start btol2 tau ttg sdare mara aku 2 thn yg lalu..itupun sbb aku duk umah cousin aku mse praktikal kat n9 dlu n kitorang crite psal atok aku..

hbngan sdare mara aku mmg sgt complicated especially belah arwah bapak aku..maklumlah org dulu2 ske kawen bnyak..kitorang lbh rpat n huhahuha sdare bapak aku..sbb dorang ni sume sgt sporting, kuat mlatah n melucah.. ade je yg dorang nak sakat..klu jumpe mmg ktawa x igt dunia..

ape yg pasti n yg dorang slalu crite n yg dorang banggakan hingga ke hari ni, arwah nenek aku sgt cntik, cun, meletop n plg femes skali mse zaman muda2 die..n suami die aku x tau la ade brape(yg pasti kawen cerai la..mne ade pompuan kawen 2 kan)..dorang ckp bdn die mmg mcm kerengga n kulit die putih2 arab gitu..pastu atok kandung aku plak (suami last nenek aku n nenek aku adalah istri last atok aku) orgnye sgt digeruni n plg ditakuti..dlu atok aku ktua kampung n agak berharta..sume org tkut gile ngan die..mak aku ckp die mnuntut ilmu utk tkutkan org jepun..kturunan aku ada saka?erk..well, gabungan dorang lahirlah cucu mcm aku ni iaitu comel, cun, mletop, sasa (sidi amir yg ckp eh)..ok, 2 sume aku prasan sndiri je..jgn muntah ok..

so sdare mara aku include skali adik bradik tiri bapak aku..sgt2 complicated sbbnye anak2 nenek aku n atok aku yg hasil perkahwinan yg dlu2 (aku pun x phm aku ckp) da kawen tp bapak aku msh kecik ble anak kpada anak dorang lahir, aku pun blom lahir lg..ape yg aku nak concludekan kat sni, kesan drp 2, aku ade mak sdare yg da tue, anak sdare yg da ade anak berduyun n cucu sdare yg bru je kawen mse 2..ble die brnak aku ade cicit plak hoi..aku ni bile nak kawen???

ok la aku upload gamba nenek aku yg cun 2 tp x clear la n die da tua n nyanyuk mse ni..

nenek aku yg duduk kaki bersilang 2..bkn men lg die..aku pnggil nenek aku 'atok' sbb dlu aku xtau beza atok n nenek n aku x pernah mrase ade atok..aku brade kat blakang 2..mmg x kan nmpak sbb aku ketot lg time ni lom skola lg..xde sape nak dkung aku..

yg pompuan 2 cucu aku..aku ade rmai cucu tp die yg kawen dlu..nme die fazlin

ha, yg ni sume sedare mare aku gak..bkn import dr luar aku x tau la dorang anak kpada yg aku tau mak bapak dorang mmg kitorang rpat cume konpius anak dorang mne 1..

p/s: aku da book tket lagenda bdk setan esok..tup2 akak aku ckp die keje esok..sape nak jge mak aku???pompuan 2 mmg sengal lg bengong..da la klu aku nak kuar g mne2 kene book 1 sminggu make sure ade org back up kat aku da ckp awal2 tetibe dgn slumber die ckp die keje 1 hari esk..keje ape ari ahad..sengal la pompuan 2..asik kene buli je ngan die..da la td die bgun kul 3ptg..cbe byangkan..bgn2 die trs mkn..pastu mrayap..aku yg kene buat sume keje umah even die cuti..die mmg sengalllll!!!!!!!!!!! over plak aku ni..ok la..end-

Friday, June 4, 2010


kali ni aku nak bercerita psal cerek kat umah aku..

umah aku ade cerek baru..korang ade? mase 2 aku msak air kat cerek 2 dlm jam 8.30pm..pastu aku g dapur dlm jam 11pm..tgk2 cerek 2 da berlubang kat bawah..tangkai pemegang tenga nak cair..body cerek 2 da nak tertanggal..pastu aku slhkan akak aku nape beli cerek murah..x psal2 aku kene bebel 1 umah..

pastu kitorang gune cerek lame balik..cerek lame 2 kecik je n sgt da usang gile..klu letak kat api brape jam pun mmg x hangus cume mlenting2 je..dlu penah cerek 2 mlenting dari dapur gas sbb air da kering n lme sgt kene bkn aku yg td aku msak air pkai cerek usang 2 n aku terlupe lg yg aku msak air sbb leka dgn sume slh fb..nsb baik x mlenting cerek yg pasti xde setitik air pun yg tnggal dlm cerek 2..emm..sume org x tau, klu tau sure2 aku kene bebel lg..

x silap aku, kitorang ade cerek elektrik sbb aku pnah gne dlu..mane ntah mak aku smpan..nntla aku cari balik..pastu td aku ckp kat mak aku.."nape mazua x beli cerek baru yg ade bunyi 2, die 2 kluar bejalan smpai mlm bole, beli cerek x bole..cerek lame da karat, bhya nnt klu minum air"..pnyela aku bebel2 kat mak aku pdahal aku da cuak td sbb aku lpe ttup api lpas msak air..

emm, ape nak jd aku ni..