Wednesday, April 29, 2009

arini saya blaja amik sample

the 3rd day of internship;

today i am taught to take sample from cement lorry..bkn aku yg amik dr lorry 2 pun..oleh sbb kene panjat nek tangga atas lorry 2(lori pun ade tangga ek??) so i juz ask the driver to take the sample..while waiting him to take dat sample i juz wait there n as usual dorang usik2 aku..malunyeee..aku pun wat muke dunno je pdahal nak bla je dr situ..but they are really kind cume flirty skt je..yg driver 2 pun 1 saje je amik lmbt2 sample 2..betis aku kiri knan mlecet(da bedarah pun) gara2 pkai boot tnggi yg berat 2..aku xnak pkai 2 lg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope en isa has order women's boot for me..die da jnji..hopefully i get it today..

after that i send dat sample to the lab for data analysis..org2 lab ni sgt sporting tp cume kene lyan krenah dorang yg x suke jwb soalan 2..nak mintak analysis dr dorang mcm mintak sign utk bg pnjam duit je..aish

today i got no tough job like yesterday..juz amik sample n duk dlm ofice ni wat2 cr keje..aku mls nak trun site sbb kene pkai boot yg menyeksakan 2..en azam kata ikut suke aku nak jln2 ke x kat site i choose to sit here n find some information for my assignment + bce emel + tgk2 blog org + update my own blog + kacau assistant boss aku yg tenga bz 2..

ptt la slama ni klu aku tepon en murali ssh sgt nak dpt..after operator holcim divert to his ofice n owayz no one answer my call..rupenye kakak ni mls nak jwb phone, she juz saya "gud afternoon" then trus die connectkan kat sesape even org 2 xde..emm, xpe la..kakak ni bz n tensen kot..sian die tgk aku kat sbelah yg tenga rilex skang ni n die kehulu ke hilir bz..

i want to upload sum pic but dis komp has no bluetooth device so cannot transfer from hset to the komp..xpe la nt2 la..

ok la,nak wat2 bz..babai

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

the very 1st day at holcim

yesterday i entered the new world where we call as workplace..the environment is totally different as in university..for the 1st day i'm introduced to all the staff of holcim pasir gudang..actually since yesterday i juz knew that i'm not really under holcim instead i work under geocycle..

a 'lil bit abt geocycle n holcim..geocycle is kind of holcim's subsidiries..90% of holcim's product which is cement is conducted under geocycle..geocylce make a contract between jimah power plant to get raw material to produce cement i am told to go to jimah power plant when boss told me to go the next 2 weeks..the transportation n accommodation were provided..bez kot but really adventure..

back to the story of the 1st 1st of coz la cuak gile..seeing ol the engineers n staff working damn seriously make me feel scared if i did offence and done anything boss is mr murali and the person incharge me is mr azam..die la yg bwk jejalan kat site ni..he a bit funny and ol the eng n operator is very friendly..i got sebiji laptop, internet provided..and also i have my own desk..hihi..neva thought i will get ol dis such convenience..thanx to mr murali becuz trusting me..

now is the 2nd day i work/practical here..i'm juz back from climbed up the silo(a big n tall tank)..pancit aku smpai atas..the height is abt 200m kot..slama ni klu nak nek bilik kat kolej pun aku nek lif,nek tangga skt da exhausted..but i told myself deeply i hv to do it for the sake of my work n experiences..smpai kat puncak silo 2 with 2 engineers, kitorang lepak menikmati suasana psr gdg yg pnuh dgn tangki2 beso..luckily 2 person that bring me up is a 'lil bit dorang sdkt semput bile nek atas n bnyak stop n take a short rest before reach to the aku pun leh rht skali..byangkan klu yg bwk aku ni tough gile mst aku da pancit x dpt rehat..they told me that i'm the first women who reach there..n one of the eng yg bwk aku pun blom pnah smpai lg kat atas 2..n they told me to take the pic if i want..hehe..baik gile..they take a couple of puff n i take pic wt my phone..siap suh aku posing lg n he take my pic..en azam ckp kat sni rmai laki dorang mcm x pnah jmpe girl so when they see me they a 'lil bit sbenanye en azam 2 pun sme..hehe..

k la,x leh lme2 tls blog..nak wat research skt psal process kat sni becuz i have assignment n need to submit every week and every month..til then.

Monday, April 20, 2009

2 papers + presentation

juz now i have exam of biochemical eng..the quest??umphhh..bez formulae provided..citt..i tot dr tey will provide ol the formulae juz like be4(test 2) but empty..da la aku x hfal rumus2 yg mcm SENANG 2..n da la smalam penyakit insomnia aku dtg balik..stat 2 go bed at 11.30pm then i luk the time 2.30am but i'm not sleep yet, not sleepy at ol instead..segar bugar je mata aku..then golek2 kat katil n luk back the time shows 3.30am..i dunno how many hr i manage to sleep..n then i wake up at 7.45..itupun kulop kejut..exam kul 8.30am..x sempat nak revise balik sume yg aku bce..juz give in~

n tomorrow i hv pollution paper, n the next day is safety..70% theory, 30% calculation..i dun hv enaf energy to carry on but i have 2 force myself into it..then we hv design lg la mcm ape..dis semesta turns my life into misery becuz of dis subject..arghh..nt aku present je ape yg aku tau..klu dorang tnye soalan mcm2 n i will answer no idea..hahaha..brani ke???

saba2,i can go home after finishing my works here..but if go back home i can only rest only 2 days, n dat 2 days doesn't meaning i can fully rest..after dat i hv 2 go industrial training..

xpe2,lpas aku dpt duit li nt aku nak soping abis2..nak bg mak skt,klu ade lg duit 2..hehe

aku nak score AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA..aku tau sume org nak gak bkn aku je.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

which is which?

u can click to see clearly each of the characters of chemy girl's..dun worry, nothing porns..hehe..guess which is which??
the list name:

Monday, April 13, 2009

pro cancelor n naib cancelor UPM

lastly dpt upload gak gamba2 ni..be4 dis owayz fail je..hehe

on 12 april we had received a visit from pro cancelor n vice cancelor UPM to 11th,neva happen since my 1st yr..ssh wo nak dpt lawatan mcm ni..n the choosen MTM je can go join the group of visit..but luckily my service as photographer is needed n they hv 2 use my i can join them..

tell u what, i neva tot dis is very important visit then i just wore a usual shirt..malu la xpe sbb naib cancelor(vc) n his wife are so kind n talkness..ol this while i juz see vc at dewan itupun sgt la jauh..nmpak muke dr screen je..n never seen pro before..n neva ever cross my mind i can snap their pic from the short distance..n also the interesting thing is dat me, dila n emy je yg brani amik gamba berdua ngan vc n didn't talk so much but he owayz smile 2 us..n other datin yg dtg not so frenly lor..but i like the way of wife vc mingle wt low profile..dat day pro drove himself..die pkai kete apentah..aku bknnye tau sgt psal kete2 mhl kete import of coz..

below are the pic taken dat day..

mase ni aku sgt malu..everybody looking at me..aku x seda pro nak msuk dlm kete n mse 2 aku tenga duk dpn kete knonnye cari angle cantik utk snap sum pic..malu malu..but everybody smile at me temasuk la vc n pengetua..malu malu..

dis is vc yg buncit..hehe..mampos aku klu die terjumpe website ni..

vc n pro

starting their visit

gamba berdua x dpt upload, so have to include dila there..

k10 wt pro n his car..
p/s:hoping dat i can take sum pic wt cancellor in future..ngeh ngeh..

Thursday, April 9, 2009


ni saje nak announce 6/4/09 was my bufday..anybody yg lom wish lg 2 wish cpt2..hehe..bufday kali ni adalah bufday yg plg sdh n plg hepy i think..sdhnye sbb x pnah tejadi dlm sejarah frenster aku xde org lngsung wish bufday kat page fs aku..maybe sbb aku pun skang x wish bufday org kat fs n maybe sume da mls nak lyn aku..sob..sob..korang ni bg la e-card kat fs aku..waaa!#$%^&*! yg jd hepynye plak sbb cozmet aku msh lg x lpekan aku n also dpt pooh besooooo( hehe..malu)..

to raico n arfa,when do u want 2 gif me the present haa???u promise me rite?(ekcelli aku yg mintak)

anyway, thanx to ril 4 organized such wonderful party even i oready know dat time becuz he slipped..but i was very surprised then when they pour me wt 2 pack of flour also baling telo(yg blg telo ni aku yg mulekan sbb gram kat emy tp syahid plak yg gram kat aku n baling sume ape yg bole dibaling)..

thanx also 2 my fren who are willing 2 cum even has to take a walk sbb x ckup moto n to dila thanx for the cute mutest card n thanx 4 ol those wishes..nak tau dorang wish ape?each of them wish me for cpt krus..excuse me..i oready on my fit now..haha

yg tenga 2 jelez ke???

si syahid tukang mop..hehe

kene baling tepung baru bole tiup lilin

thanx korang!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

sehari mencari plant n k11 award

in 3rd april, we had a visit 2 jimah power plant, kualiti alam n oon corp at ngri 9.kulop as the driver, mas as guidance, aina as follower n me as ...ntah..sje je nak g plant nak tgk whether the plant is exist o not..mne tau tetibe da mse li x jmpe plant katne..huhu..luckyly abg mas know the place n owayz contact mas scared if his beloved sister lost in the middle of jungle..hehe..our journey proceed smoothly..thanx 2 abg mas..along the way be4 reach to jimah is ol jungle..x jungle sgt sbenanye..sime darby pnye site bese la dipenuhi dgn pokok klapa sawit..then as we arrived there pak guard x bg msuk..of course la kan x leh sbarang masuk, so we juz look from outside n snap sum pics..
after dat we ride 2 bukit pelanduk 2 see kualiti alam..mas dpt intern kat situ..quite a big plant n site..wat the most proud for mas is the lorry..lorry kualiti alam sgt comel, colorful plak 2..mas so happy n make dat 'cute face' each time see dat lorry..die nak drive lorry 2 la kot..
around 12 noon, my stomach calling for me..haaaa...lapo gile..balik umah mas kejap n having sum delicious lunch there..thanx 2 mak mas..while resting, we play wt aiman n aqil(anak buah mas)..aktif sungguh mereka ni..abis skt badan aku di hempap mreka..
then we went to oon corp..oon corp is a glove factory..actually mas n qila got offer from oon corp but they reject it n choose kualiti alam..i hope aina will get dis place soon..
lps 2 g terminal 1 anta mas..igtkan nak anta smpai umah but kulop leh plak anta kat komuter..sian mas..then on the spot we decided to go karoke..wat a funny thing is dat 4 of us sang the matahariku(by agnes monica) temasuk kulop..meaning, 4 times we have to hear dat song..lagu fav aku bertakhta di hati xde plak kat aku pun join nyanyi lagu matahariku, thru the rain n ku pendam sebuah duka..a bit jiwang izit?
hehe.. very exhausted but i have to go nite i'm rushing to auditorium for eleventh award ceremony..i got sijil, souvenier n t-shirt..
gamba kualiti alam x leh upload la..nape ek..sori la mas, x dpt msuk gamba kualiti alam ko..

aiman yg ske mrajuk..muke die mcm shin chan kan..hehe

in front the plant

yeay..we are coming!
-a long journey

i like dis pic..

march 2009

this entry is the compilation for the last month entry..slalu je x sempat nak write kat blog ni..nak kate bz xde la sgt sbb presentation economic analysis da belalu but maybe becuz banyak bejalan kot to get some peace of mind..

13 march 2009
-volleyball competition..mas is the one of the player..usually our kolej got the 1st place in volleybal but not in dis yr..xpe2..korang tetap hebat!

22 march 2009
-senamrobik competition as well as closing ceremony for sukan interkolej..surprisingly kolej 11 a.k.a my beloved kolej had won 1st place in senamrobik and also 1st ranking for overall game..TNC da lme perli k11 sbb x pnah menang n dis yr we prove it dat k11 is da great.even bdminton team which is me as manager dpt msuk quarter je tp xpe la.. :(

-i am hidden behind the k11 flag..

28 march 2009
-ha,dis is the special day in march..boyfren's bufday..hihi..i make surprise party wt the helps of my fren..thumbs up to syahid(tukang masak), mazwan(tukang sembunyi kek), leman and nik(tukang tolong masak kot n pasang belon), alia(teman aku beli kek n junk fud), mas(tukang beli belon kot), aina(supportive team), raico n wawa(tukang tiup belon kot n tukang makan..hehe)..thanx for the your support n for cheer up the event..aku plak mse 2 jalan2 ngan bufday i oready made ol the preparation except balloon becuz i think balloon is not suitable for boys,but they want so they buy..hehe..nak tau present pe yg ak bg?tnyela bufday boy.. (=^_^=)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


wait for ages then finally got 1..Thanx God for giving me dis..