Saturday, October 11, 2008


sumone cum raye at my home..sape 2?huhu

the pic abv showing 2 u my kasut raye..hehe..izit cute??emm, i dun think so becuz dis isn't my sis choose it..she told me 2 be more matures so choose high heels..she said dun wearing sandals anymore..i think i'm more matured than she..ekcelli dat kasut raye is not really match wt my baju raye but i've 2 wear it becuz dat is da only new shoes i have now..huhu

Thursday, October 2, 2008


hepy eid mubarak for muslimin n muslimat..dis is da celebration of the Islam's winning..but i feel sad when Ramadhan 'left' us..i will miz dis Ramadhan soooo mucchhhh..i hope da becoming Ramadhan wud be great as dis year or greater than many things happened in dis Ramadhan dat i'll neva forget..dis Ramadhan make me realise or aware wat da TRUE meaning of fasting..i hope i can change my life 2 be a better person..InshaAllah.