Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I am disappointed with the results..
Erm, human must have this disappointment in life..
Because 'it' show us that we don't always get whatever we wanted..
Even Warren Edward Buffet can't buy anything with money..
Yes, you can buy shares with money, but you can't buy fate..

God has plan for us..a great one..in future though..
Just be patience and wait just for a while..
Keep praying when we sad, happy, frown and smile..

What I do when i have to accept this fact is i close my eyes..
It's really comforting and feel like releasing the balloon to the air while taking a deep fresh air..

And the best part is if u close your eyes and close and close again and get your pillow stuck on your face in a comfort bed for hours!
I want to sleep tight now but how?? I kat office ni..haih~

Sleep is one of the best remedy in life..

Monday, January 30, 2012


the truth hurts.
but nothing can change the truth..
the truth comes when the thing is done..
so nothing can undo the hurt-things..
but there is a way to ease your feelings of being hurts..
n this is the way, my way..

long time no see again

yeah, long time no see again..maklumla angin pus pus..
ok for a starter for new year 2012.. i changed work..not in flextronics anymore, wellmate i am..huh, big decision huh..go mardiana go..pdn muka ko, ko yg plih!

aku bangga sbenanye dpt bkerja kat flextronics..my boss is awesome ok..she loves me..biarla org nak kate aku prasan..but being a not-yet-matured-girl-in-industry makes me want to jump here and there..i'm very sorry boss to left you..no matter how many times u offered me back, no matter how regretful i am leaving u, i'm sorry again..maybe not this time to be back, maybe some other time perhaps, but i am very sure not now..(it is because i'm hurt? jeng jeng jeng)

2012 is all about my career transformation..i'm stil seeking another job..tamak is it..but thinking back, this employer pay me to do my job, but now i'm facebooking, googling and internet shopping..x berkat wey..tp nak wat camne, i have no interest at all with this company..so better i start to make a move..interview da..jawapan je blum dpt..

p/s: actually too many things to write..i want to change my style of writing..maybe not wat abt i did, but abt how i learn things in life..